Kevin Capizzi

Kevin Capizzi

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First Name * Kevin
Last Name * Capizzi
Username * cmyk
Country * USA
Nationality USA




Just like everyone else, I love movies and I love to read. Unfortunately, my almost obsessive love for all things science, constrains me to soaking in media of mainly the science-fiction (and science non-fiction) genre. Don't get me wrong, I'm an extremely curious person, and I love many topics, but the hard sciences are extremely fascinating to me. Naturally, I strive to find ways to incorporate those themes into anything I create, when it comes to my own endeavors. I also love to wax philosophic every now and again, so if I find anything that combines science and philosophy, then I'm usually in love (2001: A Space Odyssey, Contact, Pi, The Fountain). That said, I wouldn't mind working on things that didn't necessarily have a science-fiction theme, as long as it has some sort of new or different perspective involved. Something that forces you to view the world in a profound or new way. That's why I think animation in general (and computer animation in particular) appeals so much to me. With enough imagination, skill and dedication: anything is possible.


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